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Providing the Advanced Solutions that Unite Industries

Blockchain Technology that Improves Business
Our Story

As pioneers in the blockchain industry, our team has spent the better part of the past decade customizing solutions that unite blockchain and traditional business.

Our Vision

We strive to solve real world problems. We see a future where blockchain technology not only improves the way we do business but also provides security and unity across industries.


While technology is quickly advancing, we know it could be overwhelming to know where to start. We provide better tools to help people solve real world problems.

Who are we

Software + Services



The InstaFX is a unique non-custodial financial network that is powered by the blockchain. Much like the way Zelle and Venmo has allowed customers to send banked money without a wire, InstaFX allows customers to send crypto or fiat internationally and easily convert it to their local currency within one platform.

Crypto Exchange

A unique non-custodial OTC Instant settlement crypto exchange is changing the way customers buy and sell crypto. The unique platform allows for the highest level of security for both the customer and the operator. 


Merchant Payments

CryptoPay allows vendors to accept crypto for payment without the worry about crypto value fluctuation, limits or chargebacks. Much like the system Bitpay, but with more flexibility and control.

Lending Institution 

A distinctively structured lending institution that caters to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency offering a credit card and loan products.


Risk Management

Leverage a proprietary case management tool that functions in conjunction with Chainalysis. The tool allows analysts to quickly view customer information, risk scores, transaction data, and risky volume to aid in the investigation and decisioning process.

How it works
Our Mission

"Uniting Blockchain and the World of Finance"

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